Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rural Development Challenges

The challenge for rural communities is quite apparent.

 Major problems faced during the earlier periods after independence have greatly reduced, e.g.:

  •  poverty
  •  lack of infrastructure
  • amenities
  • low level of education and health. 

As old problems vanish new problems crop up and more challenges appear on the scene. Globalisation is one of the great challenges. The continuing concentration on urban development in core regions also poses a threat of the backwash effect to rural regions and increasing rural-urban disparity. Rural regions are losing population due to out migration. 

The problem oriented approach adopted in rural development in the past has ignored the potential rural heritage and these strengths are being depleted out of neglect. The potential which should have been preserved or utilised instead has been destroyed in the process of problem solving. There are issues of quality and human values. The modern lifestyle and social structure has eroded traditional values that preserve family structure and community.

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